In 1970 my neighbor, Mr. P.J. Beuken started a transport company. And from the beginning, I went over there at the age of 3, as a small co-driver. He started, collecting milk cans, fertilizer, cement and brewing products. Afterwards, road construction and general cargo came.
Internationally, nothing was done due to the then license system. In 1986 uncle Joep died as I called him and his son Wiel Beuken took over the company. The car fleet then consisted of 1 car. Mr. W. Beuken expanded the company and international transport was a fact.
At that time I got all my driver’s licenses and papers. After that I drove 1 year in Germany and gained my first experience (day trips).

The driver who was employed at Beuken resigned after 5 months, so I was asked to take over the car. From that moment on I was employed at Beuken Transport and that remained until his bankruptcy in 1992. After several employers, I became independent on 1 February 1994 and H.T.B. Transport (Hünen Transport Bocholtz) was a fact. Meanwhile married and 2 children that was a big step. I started with a rental truck and after a lot of trial and error I got a 2nd hand truck in after ± 1 year. It was stolen after ± 1 year, after which I got my first new truck. Then the 1ste trailer.

In 2016 there has been a major clean-up and a new “Renault – T” with Euro-6 engine has been purchased. This car is used with our cooler for transport from the BeNeLux to Switzerland and back.

A new 3-axle Renault-T has recently been purchased with a Refrigerated Trailer as Mega